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Art Consulting

At Michelle Rosenfeld, Inc. we work with you to develop and acquire artwork both modern and contemporary that complements your taste and portfolio requirements.
Our goal is to help you make an investment that you are both comfortable and proud to own. We offer a broad range of original works from noted artists such as Basquiat, Calder; Craig, duBuffet, Haring, Henry Moore, Kaws, Leger, Ofili, Picasso, Warhol and other noted artists.

About Us

With 45 years of experience Michelle Rosenfeld has a depth of knowledge to acquire significant artwork for your collection. We are based in Aspen, Miami and New York City. We work with clients throughout the world and have a reputation that ensures quality and value. Supported by years of industry experience we have built a name and reputation that assures a high standard of value.

As your personal consultant we accompany you on visits to auction houses, museums and galleries for acquisitions to ensure validation of provenance. Furthermore, we offer services to bid in your behalf at various auction houses.

Call Michelle Rosenfeld Inc., at (201) 370-1475 in Aspen, Miami, NYC to speak with one of our expert art consultants or advisors about acquiring original works from the modern masters.